The Company believes that its growth and profitable development are dependent upon the maintenance and improvement of its service to clients and customers. It is further believed that this is best achieved when its human and business relationships within the Company and Group and with its customers, are carried out in a totally open,
honest and fair manner.


  • The Company believes that its staff will be best motivated by assuring their awareness of the direction, aims and objectives of the Company and the importance of their role in fulfilling its immediate goals and by involving their opinion as far as is practicable in decisions and policies.
  • The Company believes that its performance is largely identified in its staff’s abilities, appearance and personality and that their motivation and satisfaction with their work is of the highest importance.
  • The Company believes that staff should be fairly remunerated for their work and that they should be selected, trained, developed and appraised within the framework of the Group’s stated policies.
  • The Company believes in a policy of promotion from within as far as possible and that vacancies should be widely circulated.
  • The Company’s aim is, by means of structured training, to develop every individual member of staff to the limit of his/her ability.
  • The Company believes that communication of its policy and progress, in line with the Group’s policy of consultation through the appropriate committees, is essential.


  • The Company believes in fair and profitable trading with its clients. It believes that the clients’ service should operate efficiently, economically and to the agreed standards.
  • The Company accepts its responsibilities to carry out its services within the framework of its contract, the law, the clients’ and the Group’s policies appertaining to safety, fire and good hygiene practices.
  • The Company’s income from its clients shall represent a return which is commensurate with the extent and complexity of the scope of work and the degree of commercial risk assumed by the Company in the provision of the services agreed.
  • The Company will at all times operate an open book policy and records maintained relative to the client’s operation shall be open for his inspection.
  • We believe in working in a mutually beneficial partnership with our clients where both parties recognize and espouse common goals.


  • The Company believes that the maintenance of high standards of customer service and quality of product is essential to its progress.
  • The Company believes that standards of performance should be identified, monitored and updated as necessary and that these standards should reflect the wishes of the customers and be discussed with them.
  • The Company believes that customers shall at all times be treated with respect and in a pleasant and positive


  • The Company believes that the purchase of good quality materials and equipment is essential to the maintenance of high standards of service.
  • The Company will only purchase goods from those sources of supply nominated by the Company’s Purchasing Department.
  • The Company believes that it should trade with the least practical number of suppliers in order to maximize the use of its purchasing power whilst at the same time maintaining an alternative source of supply. Inducements by suppliers to employees of the Company will not be tolerated.
  • The Company will expect from its suppliers copies of purchase/service orders, individually priced invoices and consolidated monthly statements.
  • The Company, through the resources of its Purchasing Department, will at all times be able to prove the viability and integrity of its source of supply.


Each Division is committed to working positively within the framework of the Group’s discipline and guidance to ensure that the Group’s development and general philosophy is achieved.