It is the vision of the Board to build a dynamic services Company based upon the foundation of the synergies realized through the collective resources and experience of USS. The Company will be dedicated to the provision of differentiated quality services to the Industrial, Hospitality and Governmental sectors.
USS will maintain a reputation which reflects the brand values already established for quality, reliability and integrity which has proven to create a distinct competitive advantage for the Company.


To provide a services product which, through its demonstrated benefits to customers, will promote growth in demand
for our contract services, making a dominant market participant.


  • We are market leaders and are proactive in satisfying the stated and perceived needs of the market.
  • We contend that Quality equals fitness for purpose
  • We believe there are no definitive solutions and offer no standard packages.
  • We consider that our services provide an essential contribution to the achievement of our clients’ objectives.
  • We believe that our integrity must never be compromised in our dealings with clients, staff or suppliers as it is a pre-requisite for the well being of the Company.


‘Dedicated to Service Quality’